Waterberry Lodge: The Lowdown

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Waterberry Lodge epitomises many of the things we most love about Africa: utter tranquillity, an incredibly friendly welcome, and a wonderful location on the banks of the Zambezi River.

What’s Waterberry Lodge really like?

Waterberry’s the sort of lodge where you’ll be greeted by beaming smiles, eat your fill of wholesome grub, and snooze for hours looking out over the pretty gardens. The rooms here are mainly cottages- some individual, some attached, others that would do nicely for a family. There’s also the River Farmhouse which is good for a small group travelling together- it’s set slightly away from the main lodge so you can have privacy if you want it.  Lastly, there’s the Woodlands- three simple tents around 200m from the lodge and farmhouse. It has its own lounge area where breakfast is served, but the facilities of the main lodge are just a short walk away.

The style is cosy, simple and rustic with thick, whitewashed walls, thatched roofs, and mainly wooden furniture. The rooms at Waterberry Lodge aren’t huge, so you’re likely to spend your spare time snuggled up in the main lodge, floating in the pool, or on the deck overlooking the lake.

What can I do at Waterberry Lodge?

One of the thing we love about Waterberry Lodge is that they’ve really focused on having an extensive range of activities rather than going OTT on unnecessary luxuries. As with many of the boutique lodges beside the Zambezi, Waterberry’s around 40 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the falls, so normally you might make a morning’s trip to take in the Victoria Falls, perhaps hike down to the Boiling Pot, or, if the water’s low, swim in the Devil’s Pool. Waterberry can also arrange fishing, sunset trips on the river (this one definitely gets our vote) or walks around the village with the staff (many of whom come from there).

Giving back at Waterberry Lodge: 

Waterberry supports two local schools, Tukongote and Siandunda, which guests can also visit (go- it’s delightful). If you’d like to bring gifts or contributions to the school with you, please let us know as Waterberry has a rolling list of the things that are needed most.

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