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The Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

Swimming in the Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Sadly, we can’t be in Africa all of the time. Well, we could, but the Extraordinary Africa dog is probably a little too small to take on a lion, though he’d like to think he could.  When we’re in the UK, we’re keen swimmers- in fact, Alex, our founder, has an ongoing project to swim down the Thames. So needless to say, this article (hiding behind the paywall sadly) from the Sunday Times, caught our interest right away.

But we were sad to see a gaping omission in their list- one of the world’s greatest swimming pools, which re-opened this week: The Devil’s Pool, right on the edge of Zambia’s Victoria Falls. This is not for the faint-hearted, and only opens each year when the water’s low enough – when it’s high, the flow’s powerful enough to sweep an elephant right over the falls.  You need to be a strong swimmer- this is definitely on the adventurous end of the spectrum, but it’s as close to Victoria Falls as you’re likely to get!

When is the Devil’s Pool open?

Usually late August/September until Mid-January.

How do I get to the Devil’s Pool?

Take a boat out to Livingstone Island, and follow your guide carefully across the rocks, and he’ll show you exactly where to jump in.  We can book this for you, but as it depends so much on the water levels it’s usually best to book with your lodge when you’re there.