Africa, Safari, Sundowner

A recipe for a perfect sundowner

  1. A view. Essential, but can be adapted to what you have available. You need a beautiful spot, with something to watch that’ll stir your soul- a hundred acres of wilderness teeming with wildlife, a fire to stare into, a waterhole that turns scarlet as the sun goes down, or (given that you can’t be in Africa all the time) a bench in a quiet corner of the park.
  2. Company. Not to talk to, mind you. Just someone who’ll sit there peacefully beside you, perhaps point out the odd thing to look at, and who’ll quietly appreciate that all is good with the world.
  3. A drink. Ours is usually a G & T, or, at a push, an ice-cold Tusker, but being British, we’ll allow that the soothing properties of a cup of tea at the end of a long day are really quite miraculous.

Timing is crucial, it’s vital to ensure you take a moment for this at the end of each day. Combine all three, sit back and enjoy!

Our top sundowner spots?