Mwaleshi, North Luangwa: The Lowdown

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Time to confess. When we first went to Mwaleshi, we didn’t go for the most noble of reasons. Once you’ve done a certain amount of safari, you start running short of new places to go, and if we’re honest, there’s a certain kudos to be had in going somewhere that few other safari-goers have been. So we went on safari to the North Luangwa  gleefully anticipating how much we’d be able to show off about it afterwards.

What’s Mwaleshi really like?

Well, now we are showing off, but for totally different reasons. Mwaleshi is the absolute opposite of showing off. It’s utterly serene, blissful and unspoilt, a world away from hectic city life or the competitive modern world. You could easily lose a day, a week or a month here, and feel nothing other than entirely content.  There’s only one vehicle and four simple reed and thatch huts. You’ll feel the heat during your afternoon siesta, the chill on an early evening walk, and count the stars from your outdoor shower at night.

What can I do at Mwaleshi?

By day you’ll enjoy walking safaris, wandering slowly and peacefully, from tea stop to tree stump, from weavers’ nests to heart-stopping wildlife encounter. By the time night falls, we wouldn’t surprised if your fellow guests are fast friends. After all, it’s not everyone who’d travel this far just for pristine wilderness and complete tranquillity.

Giving back at Mwaleshi:

Low key lodges like Mwaleshi are naturally low impact, and the team here make a particular effort to reduce this further, reusing and recycling as much waste as possible. Preservation of the natural environment and supporting the local community are almost inseperable. Whilst the lodge provides employment for the local community, the owners of Mwaleshi have also set up a fund to help support the local community, funded by guests and other partners. This helps to fund local schools and medical projects.  A donation of US$10 per guest per night from your stay is split between this fund and conservation projects in the North and South Luangwa.

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