Kasaka River Lodge: The Lowdown

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Taking a safari in the Lower Zambezi National Park’s a rather exclusive choice, so Kasaka, just outside the borders of the park, is a welcome good value option. There’re warthogs wandering on the lawn, views out over the magnificent Zambezi River, and some of the friendliest staff we’ve met in Zambia.

What’s Kasaka really like?

When we visited we were particularly struck by how Kasaka managed to balance different groups of guests. The carefully manicured lawns of the “tame side” are perfect for family safaris (especially the Hippo Pod, a two bedroomed family house) whereas the honeymoon suite, complete with four-poster bed, is across a distant walkway on the “wild side” of camp.  In between are the classic tents, comfortable, though not by any means over the top, and perfect for crashing out briefly between adventures in the bush.  Between game drives there’s plenty of food, a pool to splash in, and a deck at the main lodge where you can sit and watch the world go by.

What can I do at Kasaka?

One of the great joys of staying on the Zambezi are the boat safaris, either on a flat-bottomed boat or in a canoe.  There’s seasonal fishing (just be sure it’s not a croc you’ve caught), walking safaris and game drives both around the lodge and in to the national park, around 20 minutes away.

Giving back at Kasaka: Kasaka works with Conservation Lower Zambezi which works to combat poaching and provide education to the local community about the natural environment. Kasaka also works to support two local schools and has spearheaded the protection of the area around the lodge.

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