Norman Carr Safaris’ Kapani, South Luangwa: The Lowdown

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Kapani is the base of operations for Norman Carr Safaris in the South Luangwa. Tucked just outside the entrance of the national park, this is the perfect place to spend a night or two at the start or end of your safari, or use as a base if you’re not keen on the ultra-rustic style of the camps deeper in the park.

What’s Kapani really like?

We really loved visiting Kapani- the welcome here was so warm and friendly we stopped counting the number of massive smiles we spotted. The eight standard rooms here are fairly simple brick and thatch structures- Kapani is one of the older lodges in the area which also explains how they managed to snag such a wonderful location, on a lovely lagoon and just a short drive from the South Luangwa entrance gate. However, as Kapani’s a permanent lodge, you get all of the benefits of mains electricity, including overhead fans (bliss in the heat of the Zambian summer).  There’s also one larger room- the Lagoon House, and a pool, which make Kapani well-suited to a family safari.

What can I do at Kapani?

Activities at Kapani focus on game driving in the main Mfuwe area of the national park. To get here it’s a short drive through nearby community lands, so you’ll get a slice of rural Zambian life thrown in too. The Mfuwe area of the South Luangwa is one of the most game-rich areas of the park, so game viewing is often impressive (we had a lovely wild dog sighting here a few years back).  While it’s sometimes possible to arrange a walking safari here, we’d generally recommend visiting Kapani in combination with one of the bush camps deeper in the South Luangwa National Park to give you a feel for both.

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