Puku Ridge, South Luangwa: The Lowdown

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Puku Ridge provides a rather luxurious alternative to the ultra rustic style of camp more usually found in the South Luangwa, providing a great option for those on a first safari or more familiar with the East African style of safari tent.

What’s Puku Ridge really like?

If you’ve come on safari with Out of Africa in mind, you won’t be too far off here. The seven tents are classic safari luxury, with lovely tubs to wallow in, indoor and outdoor showers, and decks that continually tempt you out to look at the wildlife. The setting of Puku Ridge is certainly worthy of mention- there seems to be a constant parade of wildlife passing by camp, so put your camera down at your peril! The main mess area has a bar, dining area and a lounge overlooking a distant waterhole. Décor is light, airy and uses a lot of natural materials and colours- we particularly like the wicker swing seats. One thing to mention- this is one of the few safari camps in the South Luangwa where meals are eaten in individual groups rather than communally.

What can I do at Puku Ridge?

Wildlife (of course) is what you come to the South Luangwa for and Puku Ridge does not disappoint. Although there’s plenty of game that’ll wander by camp, you’ll mostly be heading out on game drives, both during the day, and at night in an effort to spot some of the more nocturnal animals.  The South Luangwa is also home to the walking safari, and if you get a chance to do one here we’d highly recommend it- while you don’t see as much big game as you do from a vehicle, for total immersion in the bush a walk would be hard to beat!

Giving Back at Puku Ridge: There are few modern safari camps that aren’t deeply aware of the importance of giving back to the local communities and Puku Ridge is no exception. The camp helped to give Uyoba Community School desks and 3 new classrooms, and helped to create a local bicycle hire and repair shop, giving an income to local ladies. If you would like to visit these two projects during your stay, just ask in camp.

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