Summer Holidays in Africa

If we were going to pick one time of year to visit Zambia’s safari houses, the summer holiday would be it. During the African winter weather’s dry, but not too hot, so older family members can enjoy walking safaris and younger ones can still get a decent night’s sleep. The safari houses are perfect for families of all ages and especially for big groups travelling together as the schedule works completely around you- if your younger ones want to spend 20 minutes inspecting hyeana poo, or your teenagers want to spend half an hour honing their photographic skills that’s easily incorporated into your day.

If your summer holiday just wouldn’t be the same without some time on the beach a safari in Kenya is a fantastic option to combine with the Seychelles, or time on the beach in Zanzibar follows a safari in Tanzania perfectly and there are several hotels where you’re likely to meet other families (recent guests met neighbours of theirs on the beach at Breezes…)

Adventurous families should look towards Namibia, which is perfect at this time of year. Namibia works best for older families as the drives are sometimes long, but the activities when you get there more than make up for the travelling (albeit through jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery). There’s dune-boarding and horse riding, hiking through the hills and tracking elephants across  the desert, plus some fabulous waterholes in Etosha National Park which provide the perfect opportunity for budding photographers to hone their skills.

While we’re on the subject of adventure, Uganda’s another one to consider. If you want your children to take part in the gorilla trekking they need to be at least 16, but this is a fantastic all-round introduction to Africa- with fantastic safari, some incredible cultural experiences and the most diverse array of cultural activities we’ve seen anywhere in Africa. Mongoose tracking or candle-making anyone?

Finally, as the summer (African winter) isn’t too hot, this is a fabulous time of year for riding safaris– whether it’s an afternoon for beginners or several days in the saddle- if you’ve ever enjoyed the thought of Africa on horseback we can’t recommend it highly enough.

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